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Interview with Alexander Chikunov - Founding & Managing Partner at Verb Ventures
Interview with Alexander Chikunov - Founding & Managing Partner at Verb Ventures
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We sat down with Alexander Chikunov, Founding & Managing Partner at Verb Ventures, a figure who has reshaped the venture capital landscape with a focus on niche B2B marketplaces in the UK and Northern Europe. Starting with a passion for technology and a stint in startups, Alexander launched Verb Ventures in 2022, aiming to revolutionize digital commerce infrastructure. His firm sets itself apart with a zero write-off portfolio strategy and a deep commitment to B2B marketplaces, drawing from a rich background in VC and entrepreneurial experiences.

Alex has extensive hands-on experience as a venture capital investor, corporate finance professional and entrepreneur. He was part of the founding team of one of Europe’s biggest crowd investment platforms before moving into venture and amassing a track record of deals and exits involving companies such as Simply Cook, Airsorted (Houst), Hubble, and Homewings. Prior to founding Verb Ventures, Alex was the Managing Director of another marketplace-focused VC and built an impressive portfolio that Verb Ventures now manages today. Alex is passionate about helping entrepreneurs with great ideas and taking their concepts to the next level.

During this interview, Alexander shares insights into Verb Ventures' unique investment approach, highlighting success stories and the philosophy of leveraging cognitive diversity for innovation. This conversation isn't just an introduction to Verb Ventures, but a peek into the future of digital commerce and the transformative role of focused venture capital. Read the whole interview here. 📖

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