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Remain humble
Think big
Lukas Nolte

Finance Associate

"VC is the foundation for continuous innovation and sustained economic growth"
Ameer Awadiyeh

VP of Investments

"Fostering success and growth through a diverse venture capital portfolio"
Oliver Oster

Founding Partner

"AlphaQ Venture Capital, Mastering Diversification – A Fund of Funds Expertly Bridging the Gap Between Established and Emerging Managers in the Venture Capital Arena."
Marius Weber

Founding Partner

“We believe VC will continue to outperform ”
Marcus Börner

Founding Partner

“VC is still a low tech play”
Jocke Martelius

Investment Solutions Manager

“Venture Capital ignites the engine of innovation”
Temim Tabaković

Client Success Manager

“We are dedicated to our clients' success.”
Amina Bijedić

Business Development Manager

“Venture capital is people's business first & foremost.”
Zerina Zimić

Business Development Representative

“We believe VC should be for everyone.”
Stephan Heller

Founding Partner

"Venture capital ignites innovation, propelling global progress and transformation."

Democratising Venture Capital To Form A
Better World For Future Generations

With our talented and diverse team, every morning begins with a laser-focused sense of purpose and an unwavering vision for the future. We are driven to exceed expectations and achieve our goals with passion and determination. Our team's commitment to excellence and long-term success is what sets us apart in the market. Join us on our journey towards success, and see the difference our diverse team can make for you!

We aim to

Depending on your strategy, getting proper diversification and global access to VC needs professional partners. Also, you can't time the market and need to invest continuously in every vintage. This required significant capital commitments of min. 20mio every 2-3 years. Assuming this is only a percentage of total wealth, it may not be feasible for many investors to invest directly in funds or startups. We are solving this.

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Provide more
innovation capital to
daring entrepreneurs

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Our evolutionary march towards a prosperous future relies on giving ideas chances to spark transformative innovations. May it be the emergence of electricity, computers, vaccines, internet or AI, nothing of this would exist without venture capital financing and taking the risk to turn big visions improving the world into becoming a reality. Each ground-breaking technology emerges from an entrepreneur's inspired vision, brought to life through venture capital investment. Our purpose is to activate more venture capital, cultivating a myriad of ideas with the potential to revolutionize our world and shape a desirable future.

Make VC a wealth
creation building block
for anyone

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VC has shown steady and significant returns over decades, rewarding investors taking a risk and shaping a better world. However only very few have access to this complex asset class. We dream of robust societies where wealth is broadly distributed among future generations and where everyone gets similar chances. Our mission is to enable those with a mere €100 investment capacity to reap the rewards of venture capital-driven wealth creation, achieved through a risk diversified approach. Doing so we will help to close threatening pension gaps and helping more and younger people to bring their capital to meaningful work.

Build a legacy by
creating the largest
asset manager for VC

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We are committed to create consistent best in class value to our investors driven by technology and profound investment decisions. Doing so we are contributing significantly in scaling & connecting an active and successfull venture capital community around the globe.

As Entrepreneurs We Simply
Saw A Problem

Being serial entrepreneurs and investors ourselves we are into problem solving. Thats why we started AQVC and AQVC Discovery

Companies we funded

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Funds we funded

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Ventures we built & sold

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Values Are Creating Value

In our daily doing we are driven by three central values

team work
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We roll up our sleeves to invest for a better future. We find purpose by investing into great assets, developing them, and generating exceptional returns for our stakeholders over time. We are enthusiastic about rational, analytical, and thoughtful decisions, making our investments highly aligned with all interests of our stakeholders.

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We base all our relationships on trust, compassion, transparency, openness, correctness, honesty, care and respect, while taking full ownership of what we do. Leaders of integrity and character do not step aside when the bus is bearing down on their people, rather they step to the front. Often taking the brunt of the force to protect those they serve.

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We want to win as a team, and champions behave like champions before they're champions: they have exceptionally high standards, professionalism, strive for success, empower team behavior, and are committed towards continuously learning and making things better. All while staying humble, challenging oneself and putting the work in that is necessary. Mastery, ruthless prioritization and working smarter and harder than others makes us win for our stakeholders everyday. 

A diverse supervisory board
AQVC is supported by a seasoned and complementary supervisory board with their far-reaching experience.
Britta Weidenbach, CFA

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

Nicole Schepanek

Supervisory Board Member

Marcus W. Mosen

Supervisory Board Member

Gisbert Rühl

Supervisory Board Member

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“lorem ipsum dolor sit amet enim, consectetur adipiscing, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna.”

Rene Wells


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