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Boosting VC funds Investor Relations.

We are providing technology, network & services across the entire value chain of capital formation between GPs & LPs in the VC industry


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Unlocking Benefits For Our Stakeholders

GP’s & VC Funds

Lift LP Awareness & IR Efficiency

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Fund profiles tailored to LPs’ needs


Nurture lasting investor relationships


Discover & be discovered by investors


Increase IR efficiency & AUM


Tools & services to share structured fund data with LPs


LPs & Allocators

Data-Driven Fund Discovery

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Discover opportunities globally

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Evaluate & compare funds efficiently


High data density fund profiles


Nurture relationships & gain updates


Benchmark & gain market intelligence


Service Providers

Access To
New Clients


Reach high quality audience


Differentiate with a digital profile


Nurture lasting client relationships


Discover & be discovered by clients

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Learn about Venture Capital

Digital profile
A Fund Profile Tailored To LPs Needs
  • From an LP for LPs
    Being a fund of funds ourselves, and having conducted research with hundreds of other LPs on their analysis needs, we have designed a product to boost your IR like no other.
  • Differentiate via +500 data-points
    Our fund profiles encompass every data point an LP of any type could require to efficiently review your fund and conduct due diligence.
  • Audio, social & video content
    After all, VC is a people's business. Add relevant testimonials, videos, or podcasts to your profile to convince LPs.
  • Storytelling at its best
    Our profile content architecture goes beyond data because we understand that the uniqueness of your fund always comes from a very individual story communicated via diverse content.
Community building
Create a lasting Investor Community
  • Gain Followers
    A fund is only as strong as its network. The key to building a lasting investment firm is building a lasting community of relevant investors over time.
  • Post Frequent Updates
    Most LPs commit between 12 to 24 months after the initial meeting. Keep your interested LPs updated on your progress and nurture relationships to build trust over time.
  • Track Progress
    Every new follower matters; that's why you get notified every time you gain any new ones.
Track records
A New Era of Track Record Analytics
  • Attribute Multiple Track Records
    Proper track record attribution is one of the most crucial aspects of a fund. Track records are created from previous funds, personal investments, or across strategies. We enable you to distinguish these aspects clearly to LPs.
  • Automatic Analytics & Charts
    Track records are best understood through their analytics. We have designed dozens of automatic analytics and charts to present your track record in the best light possible.
  • Validation From Your Network
    A track record is only valuable if it is credible. Invite your network to verify and validate your track record for other LPs.
  • Highlight Your Co- and Follow-on Investors
    Highlight funds that invested together with you and backed your investment decisions.
Access Management
You are in Full Control of your Data
  • Manage Profile Access
    Your public profile reveals only non-sensitive data. You have full control over which investors get access to your detailed information.
  • Customizable Access to Profile Sections
    Each profile features sections like a data room, track record, fund terms, and Q&A. You have the discretion to decide which sections are accessible to each investor.
  • Create Custom Links
    To facilitate easy and personalized sharing of your profile, you can create custom links that are either password protected or restricted to specific email addresses.
  • NDA Protected
    If you wish to share your profile data only upon the approval of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we have the solution for you.
Data Space
More than just a Data Room - It's a Data Space
  • Structured Data Room
    We have designed a data room structure that is tailored to LPs' needs and is not just a product of imagination.
  • Simplicity
    We have designed a data room structure that is tailored to LPs' needs, keeping it simple and straightforward in today's world where data rooms are often overly engineered.
  • More Than A Data room
    Your profile serves as a comprehensive data space, satisfying a wide range of information needs from investors across various dimensions.
Investor Profiles
Qualify LPs To Save Precious Time
  • Check Investment Preferences
    Investors maintain profiles that hold key information relevant for your LP qualification process.
  • Validate Allocation Activity
    Some LPs are passive, while others are highly active. Gain a better understanding of your chances for securing an investment by assessing the activity of allocators.
  • Tailor Your Pitch
    Gain an understanding of how your fund aligns with the LPs' current portfolio and why it complements their investment strategy. Tailor your pitch accordingly to highlight these synergies.
  • Discover LPs of All Types
    Utilize our powerful search feature to explore potential LPs that could be a fit for your fund.
Seamless Sharing
Share Your Profile to Impress LPs
  • Invite Investors You Meet
    Simply invite investors by email to give them automatic access to your profile and automatically make them your follower.
  • Share Your Profile Links
    Create custom profile links tailored to different investor groups, enabling you to grant them access to distinguished content.
  • Share Your Pitchdeck
    Sometimes, you may want to share your pitch deck first. We provide a simple solution to do that by using password protection.
  • Password Protection
    To make it as easy as possible for investors to view your profile, you can simply protect it with a password. No sign-up is needed for investors.
  • Restricted Public Links
    You appear globally in search engines and investors can simply see your highly restricted profile to request access.
Visitor Tracking
Track Your Performance In Real Time
  • Visitors & Followers over Time
    We support you in your success management over time by providing analytics that matter.
  • Real time Notification
    Follow up with interested investors promptly to generate momentum for your fundraising process.
  • Benchmark
    Our client success managers are happy to benchmark your performance against the averages of other funds. Rest assured, this process is fully anonymous.
LP Feedback
Likely The Best LP Feedback On The Market
  • A Framework With +50 Criteria
    We have designed a feedback framework that aims to provide you with the best insights on allocator decisions, helping you improve your fund setup and offering.
  • Request Feedback
    You can request feedback from any LP who follows you or has gained profile access.
  • Feedback Analytics
    We provide helpful insights and benchmarks based on the feedback you have received.
  • Publish Feedback
    You can choose to publish selected feedback, thereby supporting your fundraising process.
Marketing Regulations
Designed For Global Fund Marketing Standards
  • Reverse Solicitation
    Every visitor of your profile confirms a reverse solicitation disclaimer.
  • Term & Conditions
    Our terms and conditions address key aspects related to global fund marketing standards.
  • LP Verifications
    LPs can add global AML & KYC verifications to their profiles.
Real Expert Support
A Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Our Success Flywheel
    We have created a success flywheel that our client success managers support you with.
  • Get Motivated And Supported
    Our client success managers are there to support you in the challenging work of fundraising and investor relations.
  • Access To Blue Prints
    With our expertise in serving and analyzing thousands of funds, we have created a vast library of documents and blueprints to enhance your profile appearance and streamline fund operations.
  • Expert Know-How
    We are happy to guide you and provide advice on how you can achieve greater success as a fund.
Gain Additional Awarness & Meet LPs
  • Pitch Days
    On our pitch days we bring the best funds in front of the most active VC Fund allocators globally.
  • Newsletter
    With over 14.000 subscribers we have one of the most relevant VC News Channels on the globe.
  • Fund Manager Spotlight
    With over 14.000 subscribers we have one of the most relevant VC Channels to highlight a VC fund manager.
  • Investor Lead Generation As A Service
    With a database of over 40.000 Allocators we can help you to get in touch with the most relevant investors.
  • Press relations As a Service
    With a database of over 1.000 news outlets, blogger and influencer focussed on the VC industry our press experts can help you to gain global awareness.

Trusted By Partners Around The Globe




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Our Partners & Supporters

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Customer Name
Company name
Jan 5, 2023
Max Tayenthal
Investor & Founder of
“AQVC Discovery is helping me to enhance my VC allocation strategy and to identify & evaluate leading global fund opportunities.”
Patrick Müller
Equity Partner bei
Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek
“AQVC Discovery assists service providers in identifying and establishing relationships with prominent investors and funds worldwide”
Maximilian A. Schwarz
Founder & GP at
Nucleus Capital
“AQVC fundamentally supported us in shaping our value proposition as a fund and finding the best possible LPs driving our mission.”
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is AQVC Discovery?

We are a market network for leading investors, VC funds & service providers in the venture capital sector. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency & transparency of the VC market by establishing standards & digitizing workflows.

What are we not?

We do not function as an advisor or a placement agent, and we do not engage in facilitating investments or handling financial transactions.

How do I get a platform invitation as an Investor or Fund?

On our platform, invitations to join can be processed by investors, funds & service providers. However, receiving an invitation does not automatically guarantee membership. Each invitation undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that the prospective user is a relevant & valuable addition to the platform. If you haven't received an invitation, don't worry - you can still apply, and we will gladly review your application and consider welcoming you to our platform's global community, always eager for innovation.

How do we harvest data & intelligence?

We believe that the most valuable and reliable data comes directly from its source. That is why we work closely with each of our stakeholders to gather & populate the data they believe is worth sharing. In combination with harvesting public information, a rigorous verification & validation process, and the hard work of our team & data engineers, we are becoming the trusted source of intelligence.

How are we different?

We are driven by a commitment to doing good. We believe that venture capital should be accessible to more people, as should the information about great opportunities. Increased data transparency and reduced barriers to participation and community engagement are key building blocks for creating a better future.

For Investors: What advantages come with joining the platform?

Investors on the platform are in for a treat! With the ability to explore a world of venture capital opportunities, discover curated funds from across the globe & stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, you'll be well on your way to becoming a savvy investor. The platform allows you to nurture valuable relationships, benchmark & learn from industry peers, stay in the know with regular updates, evaluate & compare funds efficiently & gain market intelligence.

For Funds: What benefits can I expect from joining the platform?

As a GP on the platform, you can leverage a range of benefits to grow your fund & expand your LP base. With the ability to discover, connect with & be discovered by LPs globally, as well as present & differentiate your fund with a comprehensive profile, the platform helps you stand out in a crowded market. The platform also streamlines your investment processes, making them more efficient & allowing you to nurture lasting relationships & gain valuable feedback from LPs. Lastly, you can benchmark & learn from other fund managers on the platform, which helps you stay competitive & up-to-date on industry trends.

For Service Providers: What unique opportunities does 
the platform offer?

For service providers, the platform is a game-changer, offering a range of benefits to help them thrive in the highly competitive VC market. With access to new clients globally, service providers can establish long-lasting relationships & differentiate themselves with a dynamic digital profile. What's more, service providers can discover & be discovered by funds and investors globally, enhance digital marketing strategies & provide value to the community. We are giving service providers a powerful tool to gain a competitive edge & stand out from the competition.

Why should I sign up for AQVC Discovery now, even though the platform is still in its early stages?

By signing up now, you can join our platform as an early adopter & enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with other early adopters & be the first to discover interesting new stakeholders as they come aboard. You'll also be able to provide valuable feedback to our team, helping us tailor the platform to your needs & become an integral part of the global community that's shaping the future of Venture Capital assessment.

Is there any advantage to subscribing to AQVC Discovery now instead of waiting for more LPs, VC funds & service providers to join the platform?

Subscribing now offers personalized recommendations and profile optimization by our team. While it's true that AQVC Discovery will continue to grow its user base over time, signing up now gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the competition & have a head start in building business relationships & attracting more inbound leads.

Is the AQVC Discovery platform solely designed for discovering new opportunities in terms of other stakeholders?

The AQVC Discovery platform is so much more than a platform for discovering new opportunities in terms of other stakeholders. It's a tool for discovering innovative & sophisticated ways to build your business models, benchmark, gain market intelligence & nurture relationships. By inviting your important connections to follow you on the platform, you can keep them updated on your activities & collaborate on potential opportunities. Moreover, once you've learned how to do this efficiently, you'll be better equipped to discover new opportunities as they arise and achieve greater success.

Will I miss out on anything if I wait to sign up for AQVC Discovery later?

Yes, waiting to sign up will mean missing the opportunity to be an early adopter and establish valuable relationships with other early adopters who could potentially become partners. Furthermore, by signing up early, you'll gain access to new features and tools which will make your experience more efficient, especially when the platform becomes crowded. Don’t miss out the chance to gain benefits from our referral programs by inviting more LPs, VC funds & service providers who haven't heard of us yet - keep in mind that our network effect is growing rapidly!

Can I still get value from AQVC Discovery if I sign up later?

Absolutely! AQVC Discovery continues to add new LPs, VC funds & service providers, along with new features & tools. However, signing up now increases your chances of establishing relationships with other users & gaining early access to new features and tools for a better platform experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage & be a part of the community that's driving the evolution in the VC industry!

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