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Unveiling the Potential of our Evergreen Strategy: A Deep Dive
Unveiling the Potential of our Evergreen Strategy: A Deep Dive
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While you may be acquainted with fund of funds structures in venture capital, AQVC takes a thoughtful and novel approach. We reimagine traditional closed-ended funds, posing the question, "How can we innovate this?"

Here's what makes AQVC stand out

  • Embracing continual vintage: Envision our strategy as an everlasting playlist. We engage with multiple funds each vintage year, constructing a diversified narrative that mirrors the dynamic startup ecosystem.
  • The role of secondaries: By integrating up to 30% in secondaries, we're not merely pursuing the latest trends. Instead, we identify and invest in enduring value, akin to championing that overlooked sleeper track.
  • Redefined liquidity: We've found equilibrium. Offering the desired flexibility for LPs while avoiding the common pitfalls of cash drag.
  • Adaptability: Our evergreen structure empowers us to tailor our investment approach over time, adjusting it to market fluctuations. This adaptability strengthens our fund's resilience amidst changing economic landscapes.
  • Steady capital flow: One of the advantages of evergreen funds is the absence of a strict endpoint. This fosters a consistent capital inflow from fundraising and recycling, alleviating the rush to prematurely exit investments to meet a potential deadline. It also reinforces our capacity to support our existing portfolio fund managers in their future fund generations.
  • Prioritizing performance: In a landscape where retaining underperformers is effortless, we set a higher standard. At AQVC, authentic LP value creation takes precedence over mere fees.
  • Our global canvas: From the vibrant tech hubs in Europe to the innovation centers in the US and Israel, our vision knows no bounds. Why restrict ourselves when the world brims with opportunities?

👆🏽 Why this matters

In a constantly changing venture landscape, adaptation is no longer an option; it's a must. Our evergreen fund of funds strategy represents a significant advancement, combining well-established LP insights with the current demands of the dynamic VC market. Simultaneously, we're making diversified access to this asset class more accessible through low minimums and unmatched liquidity choices.

As we continue our journey, we wanted to give you this snapshot. A little insight into the philosophy powering AQVC. Stay engaged, stay curious, and as always, let's keep investing smartly into the future. Want to dive deeper into investing in AQVC or chat about our innovative evergreen structure? We're here, ears perked, always eager for a rich dialogue.

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