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Interview with Luca Zerbini - CEO and Co-founder of Una Terra Ventures
Interview with Luca Zerbini - CEO and Co-founder of Una Terra Ventures
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Don’t miss out on our exclusive interview with Luca Zerbini, CEO and Co-founder of Una Terra Ventures. In the interview, Luca Zerbini talks about his career in corporate and consulting, he has been deeply involved with startups and innovation, focusing on growth, and marketing, eventually becoming a general manager and CEO in various private equity-backed companies. After establishing the corporate venturing arm of Amcor and acknowledging the need to accelerate the transition to address climate change, he decided to leave the corporate world and invest with a colleague who had extensive experience as a Chief Impact Officer in private equity. This collaboration led to the creation of the Una Terra Venture Capital fund at the end of 2021, with a focus on maximizing environmental and social sustainability impact in Europe.

Spearheading a €200M VC Fund, Luca is at the forefront of Climate Change Mitigation and Biodiversity Restoration in Europe. His journey doesn't stop there – as an Operating Advisor for ESG at Advent International, he's shaping sustainable strategies in a leading global PE fund with over $100B under management. 

Dive into the insights of a leader who's redefining the future of environmental investment. Read the interview here.

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