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Interview with Radix Ventures
Interview with Radix Ventures
GP Interview
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Tune in for an insightful interview with Pawel Bochniarz, co-founder of Radix Venture Partners, as he shares his perspective on the CEE region's Deep Tech space. Paweł's deep understanding of the industry, combined with his hands-on experience, provides a comprehensive look at the current trends and future directions of technology in this dynamic part of the world.

With over two decades of experience across various sectors and roles, Paweł is a seasoned investor and advisor specializing in deep-tech startups in Poland and the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. In 2023, he co-founded Radix Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, serving as a General Partner.  His role involves identifying, evaluating, and supporting promising teams that are developing breakthrough technologies in the fields of energy, industry, and smart solutions. This vast experience positions him uniquely for insights into the burgeoning tech landscape.

Paweł discusses his experiences and insights regarding the Deep Tech space, offering a valuable perspective on the current trends and future prospects in the CEE region. You can read the interview with Paweł here.📖

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