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Interview with Vadim Balashov - GP at Viaduct Ventures
Interview with Vadim Balashov - GP at Viaduct Ventures
GP Interview
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Join us for an exclusive interview where Jocke Martelius, Investment Solution Manager at AQVC Discovery, sits down with Vadim Balashov, General Partner at Viaduct Ventures. In this interview, Vadim Balashov shares the firm's investment strategy, focusing on supporting early-stage startups with innovative technology solutions. He highlights the importance of strong founder teams and viable market opportunities. Vadim also shares insights on the current venture capital landscape and how Viaduct Ventures navigates market challenges to achieve success.

Vadim Balashov is a prominent figure in the venture capital landscape, known for his visionary leadership and strategic insights. With a background steeped in finance and technology, Vadim has played a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of numerous startups through his involvement with Viaduct Ventures. His approach combines sharp business acumen with a passion for identifying and nurturing talent, making him a sought-after advisor and mentor within the entrepreneurial community. Vadim's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth underscores his dedication to building a future where technology serves as a catalyst for positive transformation across industries.

Check out the video below to learn more!

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