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Inside AQVC's AGM & Portfolio Day: Bridging Visions, VCs, and LP Conversations
Inside AQVC's AGM & Portfolio Day: Bridging Visions, VCs, and LP Conversations
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We're thrilled to share the highlights from our first AGM and Portfolio Day at AQVC! Imagine the buzzing energy of over 70 inspiring minds from the world of venture capital, all exchanging ideas and insights.  

As a fund of funds, we often hear that LPs want to be closer to the startups. Our goal for the day was to bring our investors as close as possible to our portfolio funds and their breakout portfolio companies. We want to share some of the highlights with you:

  • Nicholas Stocks, General Partner at White Star Capital, and their portfolio founder Nikolai Schröder, COO and Co-Founder at FINN, shared their journey of expanding as a German startup to the US, unlocking significant growth.
  • 👉🏽 You can stream the full discussion here

  • Next, our portfolio fund Nucleus Capital and their Founding Partners Maximilian Schwarz and Dr. Isabella Fandrych, along with their portfolio founder Dr. Maximilian Marquart, Co-Founder of Planet A Foods, discussed valuable insights on ClimateTech. They shared why investing in the future of cocoa-free chocolate is not just beneficial for the planet but also a great business opportunity.
  • 👉🏽 You can stream the full panel here

  • We were also honoured to have Alexander Niehenke from our US portfolio fund, Scale Venture Partners, join us from the Bay Area. He shared their latest investment thesis, including the integration of Generative AI within the B2B enterprise tech sector.
  • 👉🏽 You can stream the full fireside chat here

We've compiled an exciting video capturing the essence of the day. For us, it's more than just investments; it's about building a community of like-minded individuals who believe in turning visions into reality.

We also introduced the AQVC Discovery Platform to our network of LPs and GPs. If you haven’t had a chance to experience a demo yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

At AQVC, we're passionate about creating meaningful connections and collaborations. While we focus on making VC investments more transparent, we understand the importance of a people-driven industry. We're building a thriving community of investors through our exclusive events.

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