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AQVC Insights with Bruno Raillard, General Partner at Frst
AQVC Insights with Bruno Raillard, General Partner at Frst
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AQVC Insights with Bruno Raillard, General Partner at Frst

In the latest episode of our AlphaQ Venture Capital Insights series, we have a seat at the table with Bruno Raillard, General Partner at Frst. Joining the conversation are Stephan Heller, Founding Partner at AlphaQ Venture Capital, and Alena Schollmayer, Investment Manager, who played a direct role in the investment with Frst.

Frst Capital, a venture capital firm, is dedicated to supporting French entrepreneurs at the pre-seed and seed stages. Recognized as a leading seed-stage fund in France, Frst has backed notable companies such as PayFit, Owkin, Pigment, Electra, poolside, and more. These companies have gone on to raise subsequent rounds from renowned investors including Accel, GV (Google Ventures), FirstMark, Meritech Capital, ICONIQ Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Felicis, among others.

In this insightful episode, Bruno Raillard shares his experiences and perspectives as a General Partner at Frst. Discover the strategies and insights that have positioned Frst as a key player in the French venture capital landscape. Don't miss out on this engaging discussion that provides a closer look at the dynamic world of venture capital with Bruno Raillard and the team at Frst.

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