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AQVC Insights – Venture Strategies from Single Family Office
AQVC Insights – Venture Strategies from Single Family Office
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AQVC Insights – Venture Strategies from Single Family Office

In this edition of AQVC Insights, Stephan Heller, Founding Partner of AQVC, engages in a compelling conversation with Christoph Roos, Member of the Management Board of GE Ventures, part of the Globaleye Group – a Single Family Office overseeing over USD 1.7 billion in liquid assets. Together, they explore the intricacies of venture strategies tailored for single family offices.

Chris focuses on German-speaking countries, specializing in identifying companies with the potential to generate sustainable, long-term value irrespective of economic cycles. As an investor in AQVC, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the discussion.

Playing a pivotal role in overseeing direct investments in Europe, Chris has successfully managed a portfolio of 15 companies. These portfolio companies collectively generate sales exceeding USD 300 million and employ over 550 professionals. Sharing his insights, Chris will illuminate key topics such as deal flow dynamics, the advantages of collaborating with specialized fund of funds like AQVC, and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration for optimal investor outcomes.

Join AQVC Insights for an enriching session as Chris Roos shares valuable perspectives on venture strategies, drawing from his extensive experience in managing investments within the single family office context.

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