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AQVC Insights – Portfolio Update Q3 2023
AQVC Insights – Portfolio Update Q3 2023
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AQVC Insights – Portfolio Update Q3 2023

Join us for an exclusive update on the AQVC portfolio in the third quarter of 2023. Ameer, Vice President of Investments, and Alena, Investment Manager, will be your guides, providing valuable insights into the most significant highlights of our portfolio. They will share details about our investment thesis, focusing on both sector-specific and geography-specific strategies, and outline our plans for portfolio expansion in the upcoming quarters.

This engaging session will be moderated by our Founding Partner, Stephan, adding his expertise and perspective to the discussion. Don't miss the opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments, trends, and future plans within the AQVC portfolio. Join us for AQVC Insights – Portfolio Update Q3 2023 and gain a deeper understanding of our investment strategy and the exciting ventures within our portfolio.

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