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AQVC Insights: Exciting Israeli Funds Joining Our Portfolio!
AQVC Insights: Exciting Israeli Funds Joining Our Portfolio!
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Our focus on identifying the most relevant investment sectors has led us to the vibrant Israeli startup ecosystem. Israel is known for its innovative spirit and has become a hotbed for groundbreaking startups, making it an ideal destination for our most recent fund investments.

Introducing our 🇮🇱 portfolio funds:

Why we invested in Maple VC I:

  • Founded by Ben Tytonovich in 2022, Maple is a unique micro VC fund based in Tel-Aviv, constructed specifically to help the best technical founders in Israel in building high-impact companies in the enterprise infrastructure domains
  • Maple’s unique strategy is focused on collaborating with founders months before raising their 1st financing, utilizing Ben’s background as a tech operator with years of experience leading Product Management and R&D teams
  • Ben boasts a unique mixture of high IQ and EQ, and together with his strong technical and military backgrounds, has the ability to win the hearts and minds of exceptional founders and VCs and get access to unparalleled deal flow opportunities
  • Maple enjoys unique access to amazing technical talent, with the support on an LP base including many founders and operators in leading positions at elite technical intelligence IDF units as well as reputable institutional investors

Why we invested in Israeli Stealth Mode Fund I (ISM I):

  • Founded in 2021 by a seasoned VC-backed serial entrepreneur with deep tech aptitude and operational experience, as well as a strong prior track record as an angel investor and VC, Israeli Stealth Mode Fund I is a seed-stage VC based in Tel Aviv investing in Israeli founders globally
  • Serving as a first-check investor, ISM I assists founders in achieving product-market fit by providing hands-on support and leveraging extensive networks with US VCs and potential customers
  • ISM I is backed by a diverse and prestigious group of Limited Partners, including institutional investors, industry experts, Fortune 500 executives, and tech founders, among others
  • Similarly to Maple, ISM I is well sized and uniquely positioned to capture the best opportunities at the earliest stages within the Israeli VC ecosystem, with many of the more established funds getting larger in size

We are extremely excited to add two stellar new funds to our portfolio and therefore strengthen our geographic diversification. We eagerly look forward to initiating these long-term relationships and providing our support as these funds strive to become Israel's next tier-1 established funds.

💥 Why Israel:

The Israeli startup ecosystem has been thriving for decades, and we see tremendous potential in investing in this ever-growing market:

  • Israel is a prominent hub for venture capital activity, boasting approximately 20% of all European unicorns. It ranks as the 7th most innovative economy globally, underscoring its dedication to fostering innovation and technology-driven growth
  • In 2022, Israel secured the second highest per capita VC investment, reflecting the attractiveness of its startup ecosystem and the confidence investors have in its entrepreneurial potential
  • To support its startups, the Israeli government offers significant backing through various initiatives such as grants, incubators, and programs focused on nurturing human resources and providing tax benefits. Moreover, Israel's entrepreneurial DNA is characterized by a highly educated workforce trained with an entrepreneurial mindset. Notably, three of the top non-US universities producing founders of US unicorns are Israeli, with two more from Israel ranking within the top 10

At AQVC, we believe in curating a diverse portfolio of unique VC funds with exceptional return potential to the best early-stage startups. Our investments in Symbol and Maple reflect our deep understanding of the Israeli market and our commitment to delivering strong returns for our investors.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to discover and support the next generation of disruptors in Israel and beyond! Stay tuned for more updates on our investment activities.

Israeli Startup Ecosystem
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