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Interview with AgileGTM Blockchain Fund
Interview with AgileGTM Blockchain Fund
GP Interview
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Tune in for a conversation with Filippo, GP at Agile GTM. Filippo is the co-founding GP of AgileGTM Capital. AgileGTM’s Blockchain Fund is an emerging fund investing in the business use cases of blockchain technology. The firm backs predominantly European pre-seed B2B blockchain ventures and adds value to its portfolio through a Go-To-Market accelerator in Lisbon.

Filippo is a Go-To-Market domain expert with over a decade of experience in all stages of investment from pre-seed MVP to D-series unicorn in B2B SaaS, Deeptech, AI, and Blockchain. He has propelled over 100 ventures to success and built enablement programs for world-known accelerators such as Techstars, Microsoft, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, and Cariplo Foundation by the Intesa San Paolo bank. Read the whole interview with Filippo here. 📖

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