Global VC superstarsin a single stock

By the simple purchase of AQVC stock, you get access to a portfolio of tier-1 established & emerging VC funds

Funds screened annually
Secured fund allocations
Average net IRR*

Venture capital should be a central building block of your long-term investment strategy

Outperforming public markets

Exceptional Performance

Being the key driver for innovation & progress, VC outperformed other asset classes over the past decade. 10 years later, software & technology did really eat the world.

Growing institutional vc allocations

VC allocations doubled last decade

Technological advances are disrupting and transforming companies in every sector. Venture capital is at the core of this transformation and has become a critical component of a long-term investment strategy with attractive risk & return profiles. Institutional investors have understood this trend and have allocated accordingly.

Increasing complexity & fragmentation

>5,000 new funds

With a rapidly growing number of venture capital firms, it becomes increasingly difficult to cover & identify leading venture capital funds and distinguish the good from the great. We are a highly specialized fund of VC funds and the best solution or extension to the growing importance of your VC investment strategy.

Source: Pitchbook Private Fund Strategies Report Q3 2021

Get access to exceptional venture capital funds around the globe

With our global reach, exclusive access, and deep research and due diligence capabilities, we blend multiple fund vintages, investment stages, strategies, and geographies of tier-1 established and emerging VC funds across Europe, Israel, and the US.

Our portfolio composition and investment pipeline are transparent upfront — unlike a traditional fund of funds which usually has a blind-pool. Giving investors unparalleled access to a highly diversified multi-manager venture capital portfolio.

AQVC Overview

1. Access via the simple purchase of a stock

2. Actively managed return & risk optimised portfolio

3. Value creation from hundreds of startups

Average gross MOIC*
Positive exits*
Average net TVPI*

We enhance your VC investmentstrategy & competence

Typical challenges

Limited access

Lacking USP to GPs or limited allocation volume to diversify across oversubscribed funds.

Costly in-house experts

Covering the rapidly growing international VC fund market requires a highly specialized, experienced, and fully dedicated team with a solid personal VC network.

Lacking diversification

Profound portfolio strategies require +50m investment volume p.a. and expertise for primary & secondary strategies across vintages, geographies & stages.

No liquidity

VC funds are illiquid due to their long-term investment horizon to balance the highly volatile nature of startups they invest in. Usual VC terms are 10+3 years.

AQVC is run by an experienced team of investment professionals, operators, and former startup founders, making it one of a kind in the space

Meet the team
Dr. Nina Fichtl

Dr. Nina Fichtl

Chief Investment Officer

Marc Seitz

Marc Seitz

Chief Technology Officer

Marius Weber

Marius Weber

Founding Partner

Marcus Börner

Marcus Börner

Founding Partner

Martina Holzer

Martina Holzer

Executive Assistant

Oliver Oster

Oliver Oster

Founding Partner

Michael Blajwas

Michael Blajwas

Venture Partner

Tobias Edelmeier

Tobias Edelmeier

Finance Advisor

Alena Schollmayer

Alena Schollmayer

Investment Manager

Stephan Heller

Stephan Heller

Founding Partner

Fund & VC investments
GP & VC network
Investment years

But don't just take our word for it...

Fund of funds are relatively new to venture capital but a clear sign of the maturity of the asset class. In private equity, they have become a cornerstone for asset allocators. For VC, this is just the next logical step, and AQVC is honing in on the opportunity with an innovative and highly needed multi-manager fund.

Jörg Gerbig
COO, Just Eat (AQVC Supporter)

Startup founders solve big problems: Therefore, it was only a matter of time until an outstanding founder team would create an innovative solution like AQVC. The founders understood that there is a problem accessing VC funds for large institutional investors and retail investors alike. They are truly democratizing access to the asset class with their solution.

George Mehring Schlegel
Former CFO, MediaMarktSaturn (AQVC Supporter)

The vision to democratize Venture Capital by a retail stock is brilliant. Like an ETF for VC. I know many people who would love to invest in something like this and gain access to the VC asset class.

Toni Piëch
CEO, Piëch Automotive (AQVC Supporter)

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