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GP's guide to Fundraising
GP's guide to Fundraising
GP Guides
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We are thrilled to share with you "A GP’s Guide to Fundraising a VC Fund" – a comprehensive handbook designed to navigate the challenging terrain of fundraising, particularly tailored for emerging managers.

Having invested in dozens and worked with hundreds of VC funds, we know firsthand how much effort and resources it takes to raise a fund. By sharing know-how and best practices, we hope to support GPs around the globe in increasing their fundraising efficiency and effectiveness.

Fundraising is notoriously tough for emerging managers lacking a proven track record and facing skepticism from institutional investors due to perceived risks and smaller fund sizes. However, our guide is here to empower you by addressing common mistakes and providing a strategic roadmap of best practices.

🔍Guide Highlights:

  • Research - Understanding investor types and their unique needs.
  • Product -  Crafting a compelling fund value proposition.
  • Market - Defining your ideal investor profile.
  • Marketing - Creating impactful fundraising artefacts.
  • Lead Gen & Sales - Building a robust funnel infrastructure and workflow.
  • Improvements - Gathering and leveraging valuable feedback for continuous enhancement.

Whether you're an emerging fund navigating challenges or an experienced manager seeking refinement, our guide provides practical insights into approaching investors strategically. Learn how to showcase your strengths, appeal to the right audience, and optimize your fundraising efforts.

Grab your copy through this link and elevate your fundraising game! Let's turn challenges into opportunities together.

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