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Our mission is to revolutionize access to the asset class – because our grandchildrens' future depends on backing more daring entrepreneurs to drive further innovation, the progress of humankind, prosperity & wealth creation.

AlphaQ Venture Capital is an innovative fund of funds dedicated 100% to venture capital

In the effort to expand growth and innovation capital, drive future value creation, and democratize related wealth creation, AQVC is a to-be-listed stock company investing in the best and most promising Venture Capital funds around the globe. We research, evaluate and invest capital in VC funds to generate excess returns above traditional asset classes while driving real-world impact and entrepreneurship. We have exclusive access to leading, emerging, and micro funds that have generated ~30% IRR in past generations. We aim to overcome liquidity, collateralization, and transparency constraints of the >$600B p.a. non-public and complex venture capital market. Through the simple purchase of our stocks, investors participate in an actively managed & diversified portfolio of leading VC funds, hundreds of underlying disruptive startups, and world-changing technology.

“Venture Capital is fuel to tackle global challenges”

To tackle our pressing global challenges, venture capital will become even more important in the future than it has been. Any progress of our societies and of humankind have always been driven by capitalizing the visions of great Inventors & Entrepreneurs. May it be the emergence of electricity, computers, vaccines, or the internet, nothing of this would exist without venture capital financing and taking the risk to turn big visions improving the world into becoming a reality.

Dr. Florian Heinemann

Founder Project A Ventures

& AQVC supporter

“Venture Capital must gain more exposure, especially in Europe.”

Besides its fundamental importance for progress, VC has shown steady and significant returns over decades, rewarding investors taking a risk and shaping a better world. However, many asset managers (especially in Europe) do not understand the importance and the return potentials of venture capital enough. We are driven to close the massive lack of innovation & growth capital, especially in Europe. Innovation & growth financing in the USA is ~10x higher per capita than in Germany. German innovation & growth financing in percent of real GDP has declined from ~4% p.A. in 1950-1970 to ~1% in 2000-2020. In order to remain competitive and protect our current prosperity in a competitive global market, we must be willing to invest far more into innovation & growth capital

Max Tayenthal

Co-Founder N26

& AQVC supporter

Our Team

AQVC is run by an experienced team of investment professionals, operators, and former startup founders, making it one of a kind in the space.

  • Stephan Heller

    Stephan Heller

    Founding Partner

  • Marc Seitz

    Marc Seitz

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Alena Schollmayer

    Alena Schollmayer

    Investment Manager

  • Marius Weber

    Marius Weber

    Founding Partner

  • Bissan Salman

    Bissan Salman

    Investor Relations Manager

  • Oliver Oster

    Oliver Oster

    Founding Partner

  • Marcus Börner

    Marcus Börner

    Founding Partner

  • Lukas Nolte

    Lukas Nolte

    Finance Associate

  • Ameer Awadiyeh

    Ameer Awadiyeh

    VP of Investments

  • Dieter Kondek

    Dieter Kondek

    Venture Partner

  • Patrick Dahmen

    Patrick Dahmen

    Venture Partner

Join our world-class team to drive innovation, develop the start-up ecosystem, and create wealth for generations to come.

Our Supervisory Board

AQVC is supported by a seasoned and complementary supervisory board with their far-reaching experience.

  • Britta Weidenbach, CFA

    Britta Weidenbach, CFA

    Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

  • Nicole Schepanek

    Nicole Schepanek

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Marcus W. Mosen

    Marcus W. Mosen

    Supervisory Board Member

Our Core Values

Many of the best ideas and startups never come to fruition because of a lack of venture capital. Our world-class team is trying to solve this and help drive more allocation and innovation in the asset class, the startup ecosystem and help to create wealth for generations. To this end, we have created clear company values that define our behavior:


We roll up our sleeves to invest for a better future. We find purpose by investing in great assets, developing them, and generating exceptional returns for our stakeholders over time. We are enthusiastic about rational, analytical, and thoughtful decisions, making our investments highly aligned with all interests of our stakeholders.

Many of the best ideas and visions are never realized because of a lack of venture & growth capital. Let's change that.

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