Boost your VC investment strategy

The increasingly complex VC asset class requires a highly specialized approach to create excess returns and balance risks. Benefit from our democratized gateway to tier-1 established & emerging breakout VC funds by the simple purchase of a stock.

Invest in four different ways

Recurring Investment
Institutional Investment
Access Investment
Asset Swap

Recurring Investment

Given our evergreen structure and continuous rolling closings, we enable investors to deploy capital to our fund continuously.

Efficient partner for venture capital as a service
Complement your existing VC team with our expertise
Benefit from steady VC- & Special-Opportunity-Dealflow

Institutional Investment

Given our target fund size of +1bn € we can absorb large VC allocations to manage your VC investment & innovation strategy actively.

Exposure to top tier established & specialized emerging funds
Benefit from our active know-how transfer bespoke to your preferred sector, geography & technology focus
Utilize co-investment rights and a birds-eye view on thousands of high growth startups

Access Investment

Instant access and diversification with one ticket with a low minimum and benefit from multiple strategies. Make Venture Capital a crucial part of your long-term wealth strategy.

Benefit from a portfolio of rapidly scaling companies in a single diversified ticket with minimums from 200k
Get access to the best established & emerging funds
Benefit from low costs & an actively managed portfolio

Asset Swap

Swap your existing VC fund allocations into an actively managed multi-manager portfolio by exchanging your fund positions into AQVC stock via secondary.

Optimize your portfolio and exposure to more vintages, sectors, and hard to access funds
Reduce the complexity of an actively managed VC fund strategy
Benefit from steady VC- & Special-Opportunity-Dealflow

Tailored to your investor profile & motivations

We observe and identify core motivations & needs in our selection process with our VC motivation model.

Venture Capital Allocation

Get advice on your ideal investment strategy based on our VC maturity model

Depending on investors' maturity and experience with Venture Capital, different portfolio compositions and strategies best serve their needs.

Venture Capital Allocation

Innovative fund structure tailored to simplicity for investors with multiple benefits

Our unique structure as an actively managed portfolio of VC fund allocations via an evergreen stock company allows investors to easily build up & trade venture capital exposure

1. Liquidity

Stocks can be traded OTC with near to zero paperwork
Once listed, stocks will be tradable on major exchanges

2. Collateralization

Stocks can be used as collateral to leverage investments or generate cash

3. Democratization

Once listed, shares can be purchased by retail investors with low investment amounts as part of their wealth-management strategies or capital-backed pension

4. Compounding effects

Our evergreen structure yields higher net returns than traditional fixed-term structures

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Participate in some of the most significant technological innovations of the coming decades
Access to deal flow, know-how transfer, and our team of experts
Actively managed, consistent, highly diversified portfolio

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